Full Membership

‘Full Membership’, as the title indicates offers full unlimited use of ‘everything’.

There are no restrictions for full members, including full voting rights and playing rights (with the exception of handicap restrictions where applicable).

The “Major Competitions” at Walsall are those which have honours board recognition around the clubhouse.  Only full members may compete for these trophies and titles.

Our subscription year runs from 1st July, therefore if you choose to join us at any other time the annual subscription is calculated pro rata for the remainder of that year.

A joining fee applies for full membership please see below for details. Payment options are available spreading the cost over three years.

All golfers must be affiliated to England Golf Union and Staffordshire Golf Union

We have financial stepping stones from student and intermediate membership through to the age of 30 to help those wishing to enjoy a golf membership whilst stepping into adult life with mortgages, weddings etc.  Members in these categories with current handicaps are welcome to compete as a full member.

Please remember that monthly payment options are available for all categories of membership

Intermediate category is for ages 18 – 21 who are no longer in education. The cost per year is £ 398 with a joining fee of £ 100.

Student membership is available for ages 18 – 24 in full time education.  The cost per year is £ 192 with no joining fee.

  • Intermediate A (Age 22 -24) the cost per year is £ 559 -  joining fee of £ 200
  • Intermediate B (Age 25 – 26) the cost per year is £ 807 - joining fee £ 300
  • Intermediate C (Age 27 – 29) the cost per year is £ 917 - joining fee £ 390

Full Male membership for age 30 and over cost per year £ 1178 – joining fee £500

Current special offer for Full Lady membership discounted to £ 1102 per year with joining fee of £ 150