1.    Out of Bounds

  • A ball played into or over a boundary ditch or over a boundary fence or hedge is out of bounds (boundary ditches are those on the left hand side of the 1st and 3rd holes)
  • A ball on or beyond the path surrounding the putting green on the Clubhouse side of the white posts/markings is out of bounds
  • The car park is out of bounds.

2.    Water Hazards

  • The brook is a water hazard. The boundary ditches at the 1st and 3rd holes are NOT water hazards (see 1. above).

3.    Immovable Obstructions

  • Staked trees, bridges and man-made paths, fixed sprinkler heads (see appendix 1 no. 4a), bells on the 18th fairway, the Halfway house, seats and benches are immovable obstructions. Relief may be obtained under Rule 24-2.

4.    Moveable Obstructions

  • Stones in bunkers and distance marker posts are moveable obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

5.    Aeration Holes

  • On the putting green, a ball that comes to rest in or on an aeration hole may be placed at the nearest point, not nearer the hole.

6.    Ground Under Repair

  • All white-lined areas on the course are GUR. The ball MUST be dropped at the nearest point of relief, within one club length not nearer the hole,  with no penalty
  • Grass cuttings, twigs and branches piled for removal are considered GUR. Relief under Rule 25-1b applies.

7.    Practice Areas

  • Practice areas are:
    • a) the practice putting green and adjacent chipping area
    • b) the practice bunker, green and area to the left of the 10th hole
    • c) the main practice area to the left of the 9th fairway
    • d) the designated tee area on the 11th hole for the use of drivers
  • On competition days, practice is permitted under Rules 7-1b and 33-2c if it is  practicable to do so.

8.    Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones are allowed on the course on the understanding that they are only used in case of emergency (eg to call for medical assistance).

9.    Plugged Balls

  • Through the green, a plugged ball may be lifted, wiped and dropped, no nearer the hole, without penalty.

10.    Distance Measuring Devices

  • A player may obtain distance information from a device which measures distance only.

11.    General

  • A ball lying in the flower beds behind the 18th green, the poppy bed and the garden at the back of the 10th tee, MUST be dropped. Rule 25-1b applies.