Etiquette & Rules

Full details of the rules of the game of golf can be found within the Rules section of the R & A web site.

* It is the responsibility of every player to play the game at a good pace.

* The maximum game that we allow at Walsall Golf Club is 4 balls. Any bigger game is invalid.

* Any match playing a whole round may claim the right to pass a match playing a shorter round.

* If a ball is played into a position where it may not easily be found, a provisional ball should be played. Players looking for a ball must immediately call on a match ready to play behind subject to the proviso that if they find the ball before the following match reaches their position on the course, they are entitled to play on.

* If a match fails to keep its place on the course, and loses more than 1 clear hole from the match in front of them, and is holding the up the match behind, it MUST invite those playing behind to come through. The match being held up may also request to play through.

* Players who have holed out on the green, should not try their putts again when players are waiting to play. Neither is it good etiquette for players to retrieve their balls from the hole using their putter heads.

* The player who has the honour from the tee should be allowed to play before their opponent tees up their ball.

* Players should tee off at the next hole without delay.

* Players should be ready to play when it is their turn to play.

* Marking of scorecards should be completed at a convenient time while others are teeing off.

* No player, caddie or onlooker should move or talk during a stroke.

Care For The Course
* All pitch marks identified on a green should be repaired at once.

* All divots displaced by a stroke should be replaced at once.

* A player should carefully fill up all footprints and holes in a bunker before raking and leaving that bunker.