Local Rules

1. Out of Bounds
A ball played over a boundary fence is out of bounds
A ball on or beyond the path surrounding the putting green on the Clubhouse side of the white posts/markings is out of bounds
The car park is out of bounds.
2. Immovable Obstructions
Staked trees, bridges and man-made paths, fixed sprinkler heads, bells on the 18th fairway, the halfway house, seats and benches, ball cleaners and rubbish bins are immovable objects. Relief may be obtained under Rule 16-1a.
3. Moveable Obstructions
Distance marker posts are movable obstructions. Relief may be taken under Rule 15.2a
4. Aeration Holes
On the putting green, a ball that comes to rest in or on an aeration hole may be placed at the nearest point, not nearer the hole.
5. Ground Under Repair
All white-lined areas on the course are GUR and are designated NO PLAY AREAS. The ball MUST be dropped at the nearest point of relief, within one club length not nearer the hole, with no penalty
Grass cuttings, twigs and branches piled for removal are considered GUR. Relief under Rule 16.1a applies.
6. Penalty Areas
The margins of all Penalty Areas are marked by Red Stakes
Where a ball lies in the Penalty Area at the rear left of the 2nd Hole, penalty relief may be taken using the designated 'drop-zone'.
7. No Play Zones
The flower beds behind the 18th green, the poppy bed and the garden at the back of the 10th tee and any areas marked GUR are no play zones. Rule 16.1f applies.
8. Practice Areas
Practice areas are the practice putting green and adjacent chipping area, the practice bunker, green and area to the left of the 10th hole, the main practice area to the left of the 9th fairway, the designated tee area on the 11th hole for the use of drivers. On competition days, practice is permitted under Rule 5.2, if it is practicable to do so.
9. Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are allowed on the course on the understanding that they are only used in case of emergency (eg to call for medical assistance)
It is a golfer's responsibility to check the course safety notice board & local rules prior to play.
Every golfer is solely responsible for his/her actions & must have Personal Liability Insurance.
Golfers must ensure that they only play their ball when safe to do so, as they are solely liable for any damage or injury the may cause
In the event of a thunderstorm the course will be closed until further notice and golfers will be notified by a long continuous blast from an air horn. Golfers should return to the clubhouse immediately.